BHR Clinic sprl, Hair Transplant Clinic, is based in Brussels Belgium, we deal with an International clientele throughout Europe, North America, The Middle East & Asia.

One on one personal consultation is recommended when possible.

Please note consultations last approximately 30 minutes.

In order to get the most out of them and to answer preliminary questions we ask for clear and recent photos from front, back, sides and top of the scalp. Expose any loss and do not have any gel or concealer products on the scalp.

Additionally age, medication, previous surgery detail if relevant and goals are asked for.

Once we have this we can then undertake an initial assessment and look forward to a personal one.

To arrange a Personal Consultation with Dr Christian Bisanga please email medical@bhrclinic.com

All other enquiries in English, Spanish, French & German please email medical@bhrclinic.com. Alternatively fill in the consultation questionnaire and send clear pictures for an on-line consultation.

We have advisors in various European countries and further afield; many have gone through the hair transplant experience themselves, and are therefore in a good position to answer your questions, relay their experiences and help you with necessary information.

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The Excellence of Hair Transplant Training by Dr Bisanga

Dr Bisanga is considered by patients and peers alike to be at the top of his field world wide, providing FUT/Strip & FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction) to the highest global standards. He believes in the patient being the number one priority, providing transparent knowledge and education to ensure the patient both immediate and long term happiness. He also is a firm believer in enhancing and progressing the knowledge throughout the Industry to ensure more patients have the opportunity to receive the best care possible.

For suitable candidates who wish to either improve their knowledge or possibly start in the Hair Transplant Industry, he offers training and education courses, providing full and comprehensive knowledge of how to perform FUT & FUE to the very highest standards.

For more information please email medical@bhrclinic.com